I don’t believe there is any doubt left in anyone’s mind of the extra value you get over cable TV (yes even digital) when you subscribe to Satellite after you get a cable bill charging $45.00 dollars for 70 some non premium basic channels. They even charge for the over the air free advertiser supported local broadcast tier and then they don’t give you all that you are capable of receiving, only about half in my area. You see I live halfway between two City’s that have different Network affiliates. This gives me a choice of 2 different network over air broadcasts for free, and cable charges me for the one that they provide me with!

And service? Who hasn’t been told when requesting cable service “We’ll be there between 10am and 5pm effectively tying you up entire day. It never fails that they’ll arrive just when I have to pop down to the corner market .

For the fourth consecutive year, Echostar and its pay TV service, the Dish Network, ranked above the competition for customer satisfaction among satellite and cable TV companies in the US. The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) conducted the survey. DirecTV posted the highest index score, 71 out of 100, among all the cable and satellite television companies included in the ACSI.

Comcast, which is America’s largest cable TV company, scored 56 points. The ACSI study surveyed consumers on the criteria of quality, overall value, loyalty and retention.
Echostar delivers up to 500 channels of all digital programming, local broadcast channels in 128 markets and in all 50 states.
The overall average for the four largest cable TV companies in the ACSI survey was 58.75.

And quality of picture and availability of High Definition Programming? No contest. DirecTV wins that contest easily. And the number of channels and packages seems limited only by your imagination.
And you aren’t limited to what times you favorite show come on. With satellite you just aren’t limited by time zones. Oh by the way, DirecTV Satellite systems come with a selection of channel packages or you can simply choose the channels you want. And DirecTV is the only small dish network that carry’s up to 100 games a year in High Definition TV. Since DirecTV has the only NFL SUPERFAN option this alone makes many an NFL Fan ditch his cable yearly. With multiple start times you aren’t limited to one set time to watch your favorite weekly program or movie. And with optional receivers, you can keep up with the latest in HD TV technology. Some satellite providers also offer high-speed, satellite-based Internet – up to 400Kb per second – so there is more to satellite than just television.

Satellite systems also offer access to pay-per-view programming so you can watch your favorite movies. Ordering it is simple, and you get the same digital quality as all the nowtv 世界盃 other satellite channels.
Time shifting is another convenient feature that satellite offers. With so many channels you often will have access to both East and West time zones of popular TV networks – so you have an option when it comes to watching your favorite show. You don’t need to rush home to catch the latest episode. In short, you have more choices with satellite, so you can fit your shows into your busy lifestyle.

Unlike cable companies, mini-dish satellite providers broadcast in 100-percent digital signals providing crystal-clear video and CD-quality audio for customers. This feature is attractive to customers who are frustrated with poor-quality off-air or cable pictures. Customers also choose satellite for its value, simply put, the best quality television entertainment at the lower prices. Finally, customers turn to satellite because of the large number of channel choices. With over 300 channel offerings, customers get more programming packages and more movies to choose from than any cable TV.


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