Putting heavy machines in storage can sometimes be a highly practical option that fills any time gap during the process of machinery removal or relocation and re-installation. It can support a smooth running operation and save businesses time and money through greater efficiency. Here, we look at four key reasons for considering machinery storage, some points to consider if you are looking at using these services and how machinery removal providers could help.

1. Decommissioning or down sizing

If your business alters production lines, you may find yourself with redundant high value machines. If this is the case, you may decide it is financially more attractive to store the machines and put them back into operation at a later date.

However, not many companies have available square footage to accommodate machines that aren’t in use – which is where storage can come in. One way to arrange this is to commission a machinery removal service to do everything from dismantling to organising the machinery storage Industrial relocation factor and moving company – and even reinstallation if required.

2. Selling or buying at auction

Machinery storage may be something you are familiar with if you are an auctioneer buying and selling industrial machines. If you have an opportunity to sell a machine but it can’t be stored at the original premises due to, for example, a lease expiring, a machinery removal company should be able to coordinate the professional dismantling, removal and machinery storage for you. The machine will remain in storage until such time as a purchaser has been secured and ownership transferred. The machinery removal company should also be able to coordinate with the new owner to arrange for shipment to its final destination.

If you buy a machine from an auction, it is standard practice that you are responsible for the dismantling and machinery removal for lots purchased. However, you may need somewhere to store equipment temporarily while any arrangements are made at your own premises. A professional machine moving company should be able to disconnect, dismantle, pack and take the machine from the auction to storage, and then transport it to the final destination, or to port for shipping overseas when required.

3. Selling machines to clients overseas

If you are selling machines to clients overseas, it could be that payment is via a letter of credit, for which you have to fulfil certain specific criteria. This could, for example, include arranging the bulk shipment of all machines listed on the letter of credit simultaneously. However, with several machines to be dismantled over a period of several weeks, it may not be possible to transport all machines to port at the same time.

Machinery storage until they are all ready for shipment can be an effective way to overcome this problem. A professional machine mover with experience of machinery removal and preparation for shipping should be able to offer you a complete service, from dismantling and removing all the machines, and arranging storage to packing them appropriately for shipping.

4. Machinery purchase – OEMs

If you have purchased a new production line that is awaiting installation, you may want to have a holding area for machines until everything is ready for the installation to take place. Off site storage could be an option for this. A professional machinery removal service should be able to deal with this, to provide a smooth-running service from storage to delivery and installation.

The chances are that you already have the space you need to install your new machines. However, having the room to actually build them all could be a different matter, as bringing the many different parts together will probably take more actual space than is required for the final installation. One solution is to use machinery storage during the installation period, so that the new line can then be built to a schedule that matches the space available, with the machines stored until required, to create a more streamlined and efficient installation.

So if any of these situations apply to your business… you may want to consider storage as a useful solution to bridge the gap between different processes occurring at different times. You may find it useful to talk to a machinery removal company who could organise everything for you.

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