Nothing sells a product like a well made video. But who can afford such a luxury in their business’s advertising budget today? After all, billboards and newspaper ads along with regular online advertising can just about bottom out a professional’s advertising budget. Thankfully online video websites exist that offer businesses the opportunity to promote their products and services free of charge.

Websites like Google Video and YouTube give all internet users, professional and non professional alike, to upload their homemade videos for comical or promotional purposes. You will find just about anything you can imagine for videos on these sites, from newscast outtakes to professional videos promoting business products. Obviously you’re going to want to make your video look as professional as possible so you can promote your product seriously.

As you search for the perfect place to upload your video, consider the guidelines of the sites you find. You can find such sites through internet searches, and you’ll discover places like the aforementioned Google video and YouTube. As you examine the sites and examine their guidelines, you will see that nearly all of these free video hosting sites have no guidelines regarding the types of videos that promote businesses. Regardless, you still want to produce the most professional looking video as possible, even without the restrictions of rules from that particular site.

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When you consider what to put in your video, remember to make the message the most important thing: showcase your product or your service. Keeping this in mind, you don’t want to over show your product or service, and thus make your video look like a piece of spam. Instead, mention if the product works well as a gift, and always mention the price, but avoid over promoting your business in the process. Mention your business at the end of the video so that the viewer can know who is selling the product, but do not mention the business name every few seconds throughout the video. Create a tactful video with clever ideas by avoiding cheesy methods seen so many times in infomercials. Make your video stand out for the right reason.

Creating a video really takes very little equipment but does take time for preparation and production. You will need a recording device of some sort. Camcorders work best but webcams will do in a pinch. The best quality will come from a digital camcorder. You should also consider the value of movie making software. Thankfully the majority of computers now come with such software that makes movie making possible even for novice producers.

In the end you will discover that creating an online video offers a brand new way to promote your business, to make it come alive, and do so without taking a chunk out of your advertising budget.

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