How to get a girl can be a challenging experience to a great number of men. How can you attract a great girl to your life? Use these tips to attract a fantastic girl to your life.

Girls can be very intimidating and hard to understand, especially if you are new to attraction.

In reality, they don’t make a lot of sense.

You find them saying that they want something when in fact they want the very opposite of it.

She wants you to buy her stuff, but when you do, she seems upset call girls in islamabad about it!

This is why you need to know and have the right knowledge about attracting girls and particularly attracting great girls to your life.


  • The first peace of the puzzle I’m going to give you is girls go crazy if you ignore them.


Ignoring girls? Aren’t we trying to attract them?

It’s one of their well-guarded mysteries that a very little minority of guys will know about.

She may say to you that she is attracted by caring, loving and available guys, but in reality, if you do this with her, she will run away from you.

Don’t try to understand why, you have to accept things as they are to win with girls.

Don’t stalk her and be all the time with her.

I don’t mean here that you should never call her or be with her to make her attracted to you.

You should balance between ignoring her and seeing her.

For example, don’t see her every Monday or four times a week.

Meet her, let her have a fun time with you and don’t call her for two days.

Guess what will happen in those two days?

She will go crazy and will wonder why and how you didn’t call.

You will be all over her head.


  • The second tip is you have to be direct with women


Some guys will advise you to fulfill every wish of hers, tell her lies and be fake around her to make her attracted.

These guys want you looking like a fool!

You have to be direct with women to attract them.

What do I mean by direct?

If you don’t like something she did, tell her so.

If she asks you to buy her something and you don’t want to, tell her no.

Be yourself with her and she will seem offended by it, but in fact, she will feel secured and attracted to your honesty and charisma.


  • The third tip is don’t be too demanding


I’ve seen some guys getting a woman’s phone number and the next thing they do when near a phone booth is calling her.

Some will ask her out many times a week!

Don’t be desperate with girls, they will run away.

Always be in control of yourself.

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