Though you may not realize it, the modern guitar actually dates back about 5000 years. Of course, over the centuries, it has evolved into the modern 6-sting instrument that we know today.

For those who are serious about learning to play the guitar well, one of the essentials you need to fully grasp is the makeup of the guitar, including the individual parts that result in your great music.

At the Top

The top portion of the guitar is known as the headstock. This section of the guitar is designed to change the pitch – there are portions that can be twisted to accomplish this.

The strings are held close to the headstock by what is known as the nut. The nut may be made of a variety of materials ranging from bone to plastic and from ivory to graphite: the material that the nut is made of can change the tone and pitch of each particular guitar.

Down the Neck

The neck of the guitar is comprised of the headstock, nut, frets, truss rod and inlays.

To make different sounds and notes, the player utilizes what are known as frets. The first fret is a generally used as something of a guide.

The strings are held near the guitar’s top by what is called the truss rod. The tension of the strings has a significant impact on their sound, and in many cases a small adjustment to the truss rod can make an instrument that ordinarily produces poor sound great again with minimal effort.

The Strings

The guitar strings are gripped by the bridge and truss rod. floyd rose While the truss rod is used to control tension, the bridge is used to shift the string vibrations to what is known as the sound board to amplify the sound.

A standard guitar is made with six strings. These strings are classified according to weight (in thousandths); the different weights produce varied sounds when strummed or picked.

Visual Accent

The inlay of a guitar is nothing more than for visual aesthetics and it can come in virtually limitless designs. Some of the more typical include diamonds and dots, but in reality an inlay can be customized to suit your personal style.

The Body

The guitar body is fundamental to determining the type of sound made when playing the instrument. The variation in sound depends largely on to type of wood used to make the guitar body.



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