What are the benefits to using a weighted practice club? I have been asked this specific question more times than Vclubshop I care to remember. You do need to realize that in order for the weighted practice club to work you do need to swing it! It will not help you if it is like the diet you (and I) are always going to start on Monday after Monday. However, once you make the commitment and use the weighted practice club on a regular basis. You will see positive results in your golf game.

We recommend the GolfGym Club 38 or the GolfGym 28 as your weighted practice club. The GolfGym Club 38 weighs approximately 2.4 pounds and the Golfgym club 28 weighs approximately 1.75 pounds. The reason we like the GolfGym product is due to where the extra weight is placed. In the Club 38 and Club 28, the weighting is in proportion to an actual golf club. Therefore, the Golf Gym products will react in the same manner that your actual golf club does. If a golf club has a bunch of weight on the end of the shaft due to a weighted doughnut, the club will react differently and can lead to bad habits in your golf swing.

So with everyone chasing more distance, what are the true benefits of using a weighted practice club? Here are the top five benefits of using a weighted practice club like the GolfGym Club 38 or GolfGym 28:

1. The Club 38 orClub 28 will give you a realistic feel of what your golf swing Vclubshop should properly feel like since the weighting is in proportion to a standard golf club in these GolfGym products.

2. With use of the GolfGym products, you will gain an increased range of motion. Everyone is looking for more distance and this is definitely one way to produce it with all clubs.

3. Another way you will see increased distance from using the GolfGym products is the extra weight will build your core muscles making them stronger.

4. The extra weight of the practice club will force you to follow the correct swing path creating a more consistent swing path. This will lead to more consistent golf shots and lower scores.

5. The extra weight of the practice club will also improve your balance. Again, this will help keep the club on the correct swing path and lead to longer and straighter golf shots.

What are the top experts in the golf industry saying about the GolfGym Club 38 and Club 28?

“Since incorporating Golf Gym products into my fitness programs, I have Vclubshop been able to offer a more effective level of golf-specific training and conditioning to my students.”
Katherine Roberts – Golf Channel Fitness Expert

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